Best 1st Birthday Gift Items

I decided to do a blog post about the best items for a one year old.. It’s so hard trying to figure out things to give to a one year old whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, so that’s why I’m putting together this post..

First off, We got this push wagon for our daughter about 2 weeks ago and she is loving it.. 

mula-toddle-wagon-walker-green__0352918_PE547793_S4This is a wonderful toy for when your child is still trying to learn to walk and for your toddlers who already know how to walk.. Our girl just loves her so much and it’s fun to watch her fill it up with her favorite stuffed animals.. You can purchase this from Ikea.

For our girl, she loves stuffed animals! She as a lot of them and I know her collection is going to grow as she gets older.. 

Today our little girl got her first Disney Princess Barbie doll.. She picked out Ariel and I have to say I am so excited that Ariel is one of her favorites.. When I was a little girl Ariel was my absolute favorite Disney Princess out of all of them. So for our girl to fall in love with her just makes me super excited!! Before giving her the barbie doll I took the shoes off of her and any little pieces that could result of her putting them in her mouth.. I put the shoes and such into a canister that I put in her room for when she gets bigger.. I know a lot of the toys have a “age” requirement but I feel that if you take all the chocking hazard pieces away that it’s perfectly safe for your toddler.. 

When our daughter turned 1 we took her to Target to spend some of her birthday money she recieved and she got the cutest little Toddler Amber from Sofia The First. 

49112569_Alt02She absolutely loves this doll and plays with her all the time! You can purchase her at Target. Your little girl will love playing with this doll..

Another big thing to get one year olds are, any kind of building blocks, learning toys, Duplo blocks, baby dolls.. Clothes are another thing that are great! Mostly because alot of toddlers grow out of their clothes quickly! Hope this gives you an idea of some gift ideas for one year olds!