Top 10 Must Have Items For Baby

I am putting together the top 10 baby items that I feel are necessary to have for baby!! I have experimented with items for our daughter and have decided to write a blog post about my favorite items!!
*Note: This post is not an ad for any items! Not being paid for by any companies these are just my thoughts on the best items to have for baby!

1. ErgoBaby Adapt Carrier
This item is a must have!! I just got this for my now 5 month old and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t get it when she was first born! It is so comfy for both mom and baby!! The Adapt is for newborn-toddler! It can be purchased from Ergobaby and they have 4 colors to choose from! I got the black since I wanted a color that can match every thing! I also got black to use for any other babies we have!😊

2. SwaddleMe Swaddle Wraps
Swaddle wraps are a lifesaver for newborns!! If we didn’t have the swaddle wraps I don’t know how we would have survived the newborn stage! Lexi loved being swaddled from the time she was born! And swaddle me swaddle wraps are perfect for beginners who have never swaddled before! These come in sizes from preemie-large! These can be purchased any where that sells baby items or from Summer Infant
3. SwaddleMe muslin swaddle blankets
These are a lifesaver as well! We love using these as blankets in the carseat, for naptime, for feeding times, and they were so useful while nursing! Lexi has 5 total and will probably have more as the time goes on! They’re so lightweight and so useful! Here’s the website to purchase from Summer Infant and also can be purchase anywhere!
5. Dr. Brown’s Bottles
When we ended up having to bottle feed when my daughter was 6 weeks old. We were trying to find the best bottle that didn’t make our girl swallow too much milk and end up throwing it back up! The ONLY bottle that worked were the Dr Brown’s Bottles! And they still work to this day! This set is available at Babies-R-Us and also at stores that carry these bottles!
6. MAM Pacifiers
If you are going with pacifiers for self soothing the MAM pacifiers have worked so well with our daughter! We’ve used the ones that the hospital gave her, the Dr Browns ones (she still takes them every now and then) but she mostly now takes the MAM ones! They’re so great for self soothing and for falling asleep for naps! Target has them as well as any baby store!
7. Baby Swing
When our daughter was 9 weeks old we got her a baby swing since she loved to be rocked and still loves to be rocked! We got this one from Babies-R-Us and couldn’t be more happier with it! We wanted something gender neutral since I want to hold onto it and use it for future babies! One reason we went with a portable one was so we could store it without having to take up a lot of space!
8. Pack and Play systems
When our daughter was first born we didn’t need a pack and play since we have a antique baby cradle that our daughter slept in. But once she outgrew that and got a little more mobile we got a pack and play for trips and for her to play in while at home! Here’s a nice one to use from newborn-toddler from Target 
9. Boppy Nursing Pillows
These nursing/position pillows are so amazing!! Lexi has been using hers since she came home from the hospital and even at the hospital while we were nursing! And she still uses it at 5 months! This pillow is also great for when your little is learning to sit up and helps them be in more control! Here’s where you can purchase it Boppy Company
10. Britax Marathon Carseat
When our daughter was just 2 months old we ended up needing to find her a new carseat! Her infant bucket seat was starting to be too small and she would scream the entire time she was in it.. So my husband and I started looking around and found a nice convertible carseat that fit all of our needs! This carseat met all of our requirements for our daughter and when we have future children we will be going with this to begin with! Britax Marathon Carseat