Hello All!!

Hello All!! I pray that each of yall have had a very blessed day!!:) I am finally updating my blog!! And I have a new blog design!!!! 🙂 It seems forever since I have posted! But to be honest I am not that good at writing! I mean letters is easy to write! But writing a blog is another thing! LOL I mostly just “update” when I feel like it.. LOL….

In December, I went to visit my dearest friends that live in Ohio!! It was a grand time!! Mostly because I got to surprise my two bestest friends!! While I was there it snowed.. It was so pretty! Especially when we havent seen snow in like 2 winters now.. Though slipping is not fun!! HAHA…

My blog still has some work to be done! LOL So for right now until its done it will be classified as “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” LOL!!!:) Hope each of you have a very blessed night!!!!!:)