Salty Bow Coย 

If your following me on Instagram (if your not and want go follow along with the daily life, then head to my page by clicking on the instagram grid on the side) then you’ve seen me posting about Salty Bow Co. We’ve been a brand rep for their fall line and it’s been so exciting pairing up the different bows with Lexi’s outfits! They make the cutest little bows ever! They also make bibs, and paci clip! I love supporting small shops and their owners! Salty Bow Co donates New Mom boxes to new mothers who just had a baby! It’s amazing to see their ministry grow! I’ll be adding our pictures so far of Lexi modeling their bows! If you’d like to purchase anything from them use code ALEXANDRA10 for a discount! Shop by clicking here.๐Ÿ‘‰Salty Bow Co. 

This one is my favorite taken recently with our newest bow! I love how it looks like she’s reading, though she’s watching TV.

Holding daddy’s candy was the only way to keep her sitting long enough for a picture!๐Ÿ˜‚

This girl has so much sass! Toddlers are so fun! Sporting our Brand Rep exclusive bow right here!

Lexi modeling Salty Bow Co paci clip!

One of our favorites is this maroon bow! It’s just the cutest!

Our first bow and we still love this one!

So far these are the pictures we’ve taken! I just love being a brand rep for this amazing small business company! Hope each of you have a wonderful night!



Ipsy Glam Bag Review

Good evening! Hope your week has been great! Tonight I’m going to review my Ipsy Glam Bag that I received this month!! I couldn’t wait to try everything out,  so I went and did my makeup just to try everything out!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ so this is my first review I’ve done on my blog, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on everything! 

So first off, can I just say how much I LOVE this bag?!?! It is absolutely my favorite bag so far! 

So in my bag this month I got:

1.Luxie angled shader brush

I’m a huge fan of Luxie brushes! They’re so amazing and easy to blend my makeup!! Highly recommend them! 

2.Smashbox photo finish foundation primer 

I put this under my foundation tonight, and honestly I didn’t care much for it with the type of foundation I wear.. I’m going to try it again with another foundation and see if it changes my opinion! I also have oily skin so it might not work out for me!

3.Beauty For Real eyeliner

I love Beauty For Real makeup! I got the color champagne buzz and though it’s a pretty color, it’s just not my color! I prefer black eyeliner over any other color!

4.Pixi by Petra blush duo

Now, this blush duo is so gorgeous!! It gives a nice glow on your skin! And I love the shimmery look to it too! This will be my go-to blush for sure!๐Ÿ‘Œ

5.Evaโ€ขNYC zero gravity volume powder

Now, this company never ceases to amaze me! I have a dry shampoo from Evaโ€ขNYC and love it so much! So I knew that I would like this product! And I do! I love that it gives my hair that added volume since my hair is kinda flat all the time!๐Ÿ™ˆ
All of my opinions are that of my own! What works for me might not work for others and vice versa! What I love about Ipsy is, it’s only $10.00 a month for 5 beauty products and a bag! You really can’t beat the price!! If your interested in joining Ipsy I’m leaving my referral link below!๐Ÿ‘‡

Ipsy Referral 
Have a wonderful night!


Amazingly Blessed Shopย 

Good afternoon! Today it’s been rainy and chilly.. I’m guessing we are getting leftover rain from the tropical depression that’s made it’s way through to here in North West Mississippi.. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by hurricane Irma!๐Ÿ’œ

Ok, so I’m so excited to announce that I’m opening my own business!! I’ll be selling Ring Slings, and brimless bonnets! I’m sure there will be more things but at this moment those are what I have on my list! I’ve wanted to sell homemade items for a couple years, but to be honest I didn’t think my sewing abilities were that Good! I’m hoping to have my website go live in December this year! So right now I’ve been busy sewing up cute bonnets! I do have a instagram page for everyone to keep up to date with everything so I’ll be linking that below! 

Amazingly Blessed Shop

Here’s a sneak peek of the bonnets I’ve made so far! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ I’m so excited to see how this business takes off!


Miss Fong Diaper Bagย 

Good evening! Today I got in a Miss Fong Diaper Bag. I wanted a Fawn Design diaper bag so bad, but let me be honest. I couldn’t justify the price of it for me to buy one! Definitely NOT judging anyone for buying a Fawn Design!! I found the Miss Fong one through a mama BST group and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it! It looks EXACTLY like a Fawn Design! It does have more pockets than the fawn design ones do. And honestly for $45.00 can’t beat that price!! It also comes with stroller straps, crossbody straps, and also a changing mat! The changing mat is amazing since you can use it anywhere!! The backpack straps are amazing, and they don’t dig in your shoulder either! 

I’ve only had this for today, but I know it will be the only diaper bag I’ll use! I’m already wanting some of the other colors they have! I ordered this one off of Amazon so I’ll link it below! These do tend to go out of stock alot so order before they do!! Miss Fong Diaper Bag

Hope each of you have a wonderful evening!!



I’ve had several people ask me about Influenster.. what it is, how it works etc. So today I’m going to be talking a little about what Influenster is.. When I joined Influenster several months ago, I didn’t know much about it, except that you review products you use and that you fill out your profile! A month after joining, I got a survey in my email for a voxbox. I answered it and the next day I got a email saying my first voxbox was heading my way! I was super excited about it! 

This was my first box I received! After I got it in, in the app under your profile is a campaign for the voxbox and you just have to complete it! It’s really super easy! 

This is my second box I just received! Both boxes are my favorites! The amazing thing about Influenster is, it’s all FREE!! I’ll put my referral link down below for anyone who would like to join!
Have a wonderful day!


0ur Favorite Toddler Cups

Good afternoon! Today I’m putting together a post on our favorite sippy cups for toddlers! We switched Lexi over to a sippy when she turned 1. She had them before she was 1 but we didn’t enforce sippy’s all the time until she turned 1! Lexi has always liked soft spout sippy cups and to be honest it’s quite hard to try and find nice soft spout sippy cups that are for older children!

1. Pura stainless steel toddler cup!

We love this toddler cup because it’s stainless steel. Yay for zero plastic! And it’s a soft spout sippy spout too! We found ours at our local Kroger Marketplace but I’ll link one from Amazon as well! I’m highly impressed with it and it’s by far our favorite! Picture below of Lexi drinking from her Pura Bottle! โคย Pura Toddler Cup

2. Take & Toss sippy cups!

Ok, so I found these yesterday and I don’t understand the whole take and toss part! I know they’re plastic and made from recycled materials, ย but they’re so handy and if they get lost while out and about I don’t feel like it’ll be the end of the world!๐Ÿ™ˆ these cups will be perfect for milk, juice, etc. We will be keeping these in our diaper bag for trips to town, zoo, and even the lake! I’m really impressed with these! And Lexi actually took them very easily! I found these at Wal-Mart and I’ll link some below as well!ย Take and toss

3. Munchkin Straw cup!

So a couple months ago, I ordered off of Amazon a 2 pack straw cups! I wasn’t sure if Lexi would take it or not, but it was worth a try! Little did I know, it would be her favorite straw cups ever! I really like the brand we have because it’s all one piece! It can be hard to clean but I use the skinny bottle brush that comes with the Dr. Brown bottles to clean the straw part! We also only use it for juice or tea! We ended up accidentally leaving one of the cups at a restaurant while visiting in Alabama so I’ll need to order another one soon..ย Munchkin Straw Cup

4. Munchkin soft spout sippy!

Our last favorite sippy is the cheap $2.00 Munchkin soft spout sippy cup you can pick up at Wal-Mart or anywhere! We picked this one up first and Lexi has loved it ever since! I know we might have a lot of favorites but for us, I like to have a variety of sippy cups in case one gets lost or left somewhere! I’ll try and link one off of Amazon if I can find it! Unfortunately Muchkin has discontinued these specific one that I have pictured below but I’m linking a similar one here.ย Munchkin Soft Spout sippy

What are your favorite sippy cups for your little’s?


How We Incorporate Oils Into Our Daily Life.

*Before starting this post I just want to put this out there. First I’m a mother not a doctor, so please if you are taking any medications please do not stop taking them. Also please don’t ask me any medical advice.. Please talk with your doctor about any questions you might have.*
Happy Sunday! I’ve been wanting to do a post on how we incorporate essential oils into our daily life for several months now, but didn’t know where to start or even how to start! When I joined Young Living in October 2016 I didn’t know how I’d use the oils I had in my hands! I knew I wanted Thieves for immune support, lavender for skin support! Now we can’t go a day without using our oils! I’ve made up different diffuser blends, we diffuse nightly in our little’s room for sleep support for her. I also have a sleepy spray that I use nightly on her crib.. There are so many oils for so many things! I love to use Thieves, lemon, lavender, and oregano for my immune support roller. I have a allergy support roller, stress away for those stressful days/grocery shopping! {Need I say more on the shopping subject ๐Ÿ˜‰} so today I’m writing this post on how I use our oils for our everyday life..

1. Hormone support- each morning I use Progessence Plus on my wrists for hormone support. This oil has been magical for my crazy hormones before and during my monthly time! It’s helped tone down some of my crazy cramps as well! It doesn’t take away all my cramps because let’s be honest, we have to experience the cramps!๐Ÿ™ˆ but during the times where it feels like I can’t handle the cramps I use my roller of PanAway, peppermint, and lavender and roll it on my lower abdomen to help. I’m one who doesn’t like to take medicine if I dont absolutely have to! So to have these oils to help support my body is simply amazing!!

2. Immune Support- immune support is a big thing for me! I used to be sick almost the whole winter before changing my eating habits and using oils to help boost my immune system! This past winter my family only got a cold 2 times! And I know I have my oils to thank for that! Any time we felt like we were coming down with something I’d double up on our Thieves roller and also diffuse thieves through out the house..

3. Workout support- I know there’s alot of mamas who love to work out. Whether it’s at home or at a gym! There are some amazing oils to help support our muscles while working out.. I love to use Deep relief roller after a quick session of Pop Pilates to help with any tightness that might happen.. also a roller with PanAway works wonders as well! Lemon is so wonderful to add to your water bottle for an added boost! {Always remember to use a glass water bottle or a stainless steel water bottle when using EO’s}

4. Baby support- this one right here has to be my favorite! Supporting our little one’s body! Young Living has an amazing KidScents line especially formulated for kids! All of the oils in the Kidscents line are pre-diluted and ready to use! Nightly we use 2 drops of Sleepyize in my little’s diffuser for a good night’s sleep! Tummygize on the tummy when she’s got tummy problems, sniffleease for any sniffles that she might have and works amazing for colds.. Gentle baby isn’t part of the Kidscents line, but it’s a MUST have if you have kids, babies, or are pregnant! Add it into a lotion base and rub it on your growing belly to help with stretch marks! ย {It seriously works!} I also add it to my little’s bath water!
The amazing thing that I’ve found with Young Living is, they don’t have just oils! They have supplements, Ningxia Red, protein powders, and so much more! Below I’ll be adding some awesome pictures on different diffuser blends, oils for him, her, baby, and pets etc. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

Hope each of you have a wonderful week! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I’ll also be adding my link for anyone who would like it!ย join Young Living

Thank you for reading my blog post!!


*I do not take credit for all of the pictures provided!*

Best 1st Birthday Gift Items

I decided to do a blog post about the best items for a one year old.. It’s so hard trying to figure out things to give to a one year old whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas, so that’s why I’m putting together this post..

First off, We got this push wagon for our daughter about 2 weeks ago and she is loving it..ย 

mula-toddle-wagon-walker-green__0352918_PE547793_S4This is a wonderful toy for when your child is still trying to learn to walk and for your toddlers who already know how to walk.. Our girl just loves her so much and it’s fun to watch her fill it up with her favorite stuffed animals.. You can purchase this fromย Ikea.

For our girl, she loves stuffed animals! She as a lot of them and I know her collection is going to grow as she gets older..ย 

Today our little girl got her first Disney Princess Barbie doll.. She picked out Ariel and I have to say I am so excited that Ariel is one of her favorites.. When I was a little girl Ariel was my absolute favorite Disney Princess out of all of them. So for our girl to fall in love with her just makes me super excited!! Before giving her the barbie doll I took the shoes off of her and any little pieces that could result of her putting them in her mouth.. I put the shoes and such into a canister that I put in her room for when she gets bigger.. I know a lot of the toys have a “age” requirement but I feel that if you take all the chocking hazard pieces away that it’s perfectly safe for your toddler..ย 

When our daughter turned 1 we took her to Target to spend some of her birthday money she recieved and she got the cutest little Toddler Amber from Sofia The First.ย 

49112569_Alt02She absolutely loves this doll and plays with her all the time! You can purchase her atย Target. Your little girl will love playing with this doll..

Another big thing to get one year olds are, any kind of building blocks, learning toys, Duplo blocks, baby dolls.. Clothes are another thing that are great! Mostly because alot of toddlers grow out of their clothes quickly! Hope this gives you an idea of some gift ideas for one year olds!


Happy 1st Birthday Alexandra

Tuesday Lexi turned 1! I can’t believe that we already have a one year old!!! The year went by so fast but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! Being a first time mom it’s been so amazing watching Lexi hit every milestone so far! It’s been so fun being able to watch her grow into the most spunky, independent, loving, even sometimes stubborn ( which can’t blame her, look at her mama) little toddler that she’s becoming.. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings us as she learns to walk, talk more, and learns more things as we go on! Right now at a year old Lexi loves to say Dada, Mama, Nana (for Aunt Amanda) Lala (for Lolly) and Pop! Her vocabulary is pretty good for 1! She loves her dolls, puppy, her Milo owl that Aunt Amanda made her (she can’t go to sleep without it at night) and her ZombieLulu doll that Auntie M made her! Her favorite show is Sofia The First, we’ve watched all three seasons on Netflix about 4 times already! I started watching When Calls The Heart with Lexi as well! She loves watching it so much! A girl after her mama’s own heart! The girl can watch period dramas all day if I’d let her! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now onto the pictures I took on Lexi’s birthday!

I am just in awe over the gorgeous girl that God blessed us with! She’s just the cutest little sassiest girl ever!! I took these pictures as she was opening her birthday gift from her great-grammie P! I love my precious baby girl and am so excited to see what age 2 brings!! Hope each of you have a wonderful day!!


First Mother’s Day

Good morning everyone! First off I want to wish every mother a Happy Mother’s Day! I know that for some Mother’s Day is hard. Whether it is from the loss of a mother, loss of children! My heart goes out to each of the mothers whose heart hurts every Mother’s Day!ย 

This year will be my first Mother’s Day! Last year I was pregnant when Mother’s Day came around and even though I was a mom-to-be, it just felt a little weird celebrating Mother’s Day when babe was still in the womb. So I decided that I wouldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day until babe was here.. 11 months later and here we are, our first Mother’s Day!ย 

We have so many firsts in our life. First cry, first laugh, first walk, first word, first date, first love, first heartbreak, first child.. I have had all those firsts before and I think the greatest of these (aside from marrying the man of my dreams) is the first time I became a Mother! Did I read all the baby books there is? No. Did I know what to expect after baby came? No. Was I prepared for the sleepless nights of a newborn? Yes and No.. I didn’t know everything about becoming a mother.. I knew a little on how to care for children but as far as my own I was so scared on messing up and being a “bad mom”.. But as soon as she was laid in my arms minutes after birth all of my worries went away! It was like a fresh breath of air that washed over me! Seeing the joy in both my eyes and my husband’s was all that I needed! Has it been rough? Yes! But I don’t think Motherhood is suppose to be easy.. If that was so there wouldn’t be all the books written for and by moms to help other moms! There wouldn’t be books on what to expect during the first few years of having a child/children.. But I know that it’s the most amazing thing in the world! Becoming a mother was my all time wish as I grew up and became an adult.. It’s what I always dreamed about.. And now, I get to live that wonderful dream every single day!

Both of these pictures are my favorite! The one on the left was when Lexi was 1 week old. And the one on the right is now. Lexi is 11 months old now.. She is so spunky and full of life and I am so blessed to be able to call her mine! I can’t imagine life without her! Hope each of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.. Tell that special mother in your life how much you love them.. You may never now how much they’re hurting inside..ย