Tuesdays thoughts

Hello everyone! I pray that each of you have been doing great! We’ve been busy lately painting my sister and I’s bedroom! We went with a Tiffany blue color for our walls, and a pink color for our closet, and lots of pink and black decor for the room! Here’s a sneak peek of how some of it looks!

This is my desk that we put up! 🙂 
 And this is our closet!! If you’d like to see more pics feel free to head over to my Facebook page! 
Right now, I’m reading a very romantic novel by Jane Austen! I decided to start with Persuasion first instead of always reading Pride And Prejudice first! 🙂 I’ll work my way through all 6 of her novels! 🙂 
 On Valentine’s Day, my sister and I got a coupon each from Bath And Body Works for a free body mist with a purchase of something! It was a $16.00 value free! I got hand sanitizer to go with it! 🙂 it was an awesome valentine treat from mom!! 🙂 
 Last week we had an amazing amount of snow for North Alabama! We got a total of 10 1/2 inches of snow with the two snowstorms we got! 🙂 I loved it very much, since I had been praying for snow all winter! And this week we are having nice spring-like weather! I so love living in the south! Lol 🙂 
After I finish reading all of the Jane Austen novels. I’m going to look for Elizabeth Gaskell’s novel North And South! I watched the 2005 BBC 4-part mini series on Netflix and fell in love with it! I’ve watched it a total of 3 times already!! I love period dramas anyways, but I so love the romantic story between John Thornton and Margaret Hale! 🙂 
                     This is one of my many favorite parts!!
Well I pray that each of you have a blessed week!