Birthday Gifts!! =)

Ok here are some pics of all my birthday gifts!!! =)

 This one came from my friend Rhoda.. =) She made the cute little rose hair clips for me!! =)

 This one came from my friend Juanita.. =) I soo love books and I soo needed a nice warm scarf!! =)

 This one came from my mom!! =) I soo love everything!! =)

 This one came from all my brothers and sisters!! =)

 This one came from my friend Mary Elizabeth.. =)

And this one came from a dear friend Mrs. Dorothy!!! =)

Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts!!!! I soo love all of them!!! =)

Wonderful friends!!

 This is what my friend Missy made for me!! I soo love it!!

 This is a pic of me, Missy and Gina!! My two best friends!! 🙂

 And here is a pic of me and Gina!! I soo love all my friends!!!! 🙂
I am going to post more pictures when I can of the birthday party and some more of my friends!! Hope you have a very blessed day!! 😉

Thrift Store Finds

                      I am a very big fan of Vera Bradley stuff and my mom found this purse,

                                        and this wallet for me!!! I soo love them and they both costed her 99 cents each!
The wallet was a recent buy the purse I have had for a while now! 🙂 I have always loved their things but never thought I would find the things in Thrift stores!! 🙂

Have a great evening!!! 🙂

Lots of things going on!!

I believe it is high time to post. I pray that each of you have had a very blessed couple of weeks.. I know that I sure have.. I have to say my life has really changed when I started going to the church in Tn. I used to be so worried about every little thing that it was starting to eat me alive.. And the bad thing about it is I didnt even notice it.. I was soo worried about if my dress is just right or if my hair was put up just right.. Now I feel free of all those worries!! I can go to church and just worship God and not have to worry if I am doing something that is wrong.. The church I go to now isnt a very big church but the people there love you! And they make you feel so welcome!! The area that it is in is belivedere Tn. And it is a very pretty farming land and it some place that I could see myself moving to one of these days. 🙂

This is the week of my birthday.. Seems like the years are just flying by.. I remember when I was turning 18 and I said I cant wait till I turn 21 and yet I look back and I dont know why I was soo excited about turning 21.. I try not to remember that I am turning 22 this year.. But that is the fact of life.. LOL.. On the 21st of this month is my mom’s Birthday!! I pray you have a very blessed day momma!! I love you lots and I know you will have many more birthdays to come!! 🙂

Next week is Thanksgiving week! What are your plans for Thanksgiving? Ours is the spend it with the family and friends and be thankful for all the times we have been able to have to spend it with family and some wonderful friends!

Before you know it Christmas will be on its way.. I keep thinking about all the people that are putting up their christmas stuff and I am very surprised that my mom hasn’t put her christmas things up yet.. LOL.. Usually she already has it all up..

These past couple of weeks I have been thinking alot on the way my life is going.. I know this might sound funny or wierd.. But it is true and I havent ever given my “grown up” life any thought.. LOL.. There are some things that I would like to do before I get married some day.. And one of those is going on the Mission field and serving God.. Now that doesnt mean you have to go over seas and be a missionary in a third world country.. You can be a Missionary in the U.S.A. you can be a Missionary in your own state or even town.. I would like to take a trip to Ghana, West Africa and minister to the people there.. But thats always been my dream.. I pray that each of you have a very blessed day!! And to stay warm if you are having cold weather and stay dry if you are having rainy weather.. ( like it is here!) Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!! 🙂

Different Sites That I like

Here is a list of all the different sites that I love to go onto.. 🙂

Here is a little bit of the websites that I love to go onto.. 🙂 I will try and add some more later along with some pictures 🙂

New Blog

I have started a new blog.. 🙂 I loved my old one but I dont get on it anymore due to the fact that I have a different email address now.. I pray that each of you have a very blessed day and I will try and get this thing up and going like my old one real soon 🙂