Updating/decorating blog

Hello all.. I pray that each of you have had a great week so far! I am sorry that I am so far behind on updating my blog! I just have been so busy lately that I forget most of the time!
Anyways.. I have been experiencing with all kinds of backgrounds for my blog.. I have one on for right now.. I am going to be changing it soon.. Well as soon as I get my Blog name header complete!:) I am so excited about experiencing with different photo editing programs to better decorate my blog!:) Please let me know what you think about my blog decorating ideas!
Well before I know it school will be out! I don’t know if I am happy or not.. LOL.. Well I am happy! I am happy to be able to be home more and get to be with my family more now!:)
This weekend is going to be awesome! I always look forward to going to SoulStock every year! This year they are helping out a organization called Soles for Souls.. And so this year I am going to see if I have any shoes I can donate for the organization.. This year for the bands that are going to play are:
1) Brit Nicole
2) For King and Country
3) Steven Curtis Chapman
4) Mikeschair
5) Caleb
6) Luminate
7) Superchick
Then the speakers for the event are:
1) Lindsay McCaul
2) Chris Wheeler
This is a fun and exciting free concert!! 🙂
I will try and take some pics of the concert if I can:)

Wow I can’t believe that my youngest brother and sister are graduating this year!!! On Sunday May 20th my brother and sister are going to be having a graduation ceremony at their church that they attend.. I am so proud of them and will be taking some pics of the service also! 🙂

I just wanted to put that for ALL of the Graduates of 2012!!:) So proud of each of you!!!!!!:)
Well I best be going! Will try and write soon!!