Blog Update, December 6,2013

Hello all! I pray that each of you have had a blessed start to December! I’m so sorry that I am just now getting around to updating my blog! It’s been a good 5 months now.. I have surely slacked on it! And for that I apologize for that! Alot has happened in the last 5 months! Winter has come! And even tho we haven’t had any snow or anything it’s been a good start to winter. The last few days didn’t even feel like winter.. We have highs in the 70’s!! Yes 70’s!!! haha On Wednesday (Dec.4th) I lost my dearest puppy in the whole world!! I miss her so much but I am so glad she isn’t suffering anymore!! And I am glad God gave her to me to love and care for!! 🙂 Today is a very rainy day.. But I know that it will be a very wonderful day!! I was reading my devotions for the day this morning and I thought this one that I have today fits perfect with what I’ve been dealing with this week!!

The Comfort Of God
I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.
John 14:18
Life seems cruel at times. A harsh word from someone you love and trust can bring pain and tears. We know that God has said, I will never leave you comfortless, but when death claims a loved one, we struggle, our hearts bleed, and we cry and reach out for someone to cling to. God asks us to love each other because He knows how frail we are. A small Indian village had a rite of passages when a boy came to manhood. At sundown he was led deep into the forest to spend the night alone, without his knife, bow and arrow, or tomahawk for protection. This experience was intended to teach him to face fears, loneliness, and anxieties alone with no one to aid him. He sat alone in the chill of night, with the sounds of wildlife around him. Suddenly there arose the shrill, blood-curdling death shriek of  a dying rabbit. Too slow to escape, he became the evening meal for a hungry prowler. The boy’s hair stood on end. How he longed for the safety of home and his father’s protective presence. The boy was unaware that not many yards away his father stood guard behind a large tree, bow in hand, ready to kill any animal that might bother his son. When death stalks the neighborhood and claims a loved one, when billows of doubt begin to roll, and uncertainty threatens; when fears and anxieties want to reign, and comfort seems far away; remember, our loving Father is stationed nearby, ready to help us in our time of need. 
*Trust is the conqueror of difficulties and fears.*

I just thought that this devotion was meant for me to read this morning! And I think it’s a wonderful devotion for everyone that has lost a dear loved one (Mother, Sister, Friend, anyone) recently and need comfort during the upcoming Holidays!! I pray that each of you have a very blessed day!! I will try and post more!!