Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope each of you have had a wonderful week so far!! I know I have, in spite of all the rain! I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I want to turn my blog into, and I think I’ve finally come down to posting about Modest clothing ideas, and about our daily life on the farm.. Especially since I live on a farm and will after I’m married too! 🙂 Yesterday our Saanan mama goat had twin babies! It’s so amazing to see the sweet babies being born, and seeing them thrive!! I’m loving being able to love on them! Even with wearing skirts and dresses I can do everything that others do in pants! 🙂 Here’s two pictures of both babies!

This is baby Charming..
And baby Snow! Yes we named them from our favorite tv show Once Upon A Time!:) But I think they’re names fit them perfectly!
Here is my outfit for the day! I got this maxi dress given to me yesterday, and I added a black shirt under it along with a black cardigan over it! I liked it and I paired it with a pair of my black heels!:) It’s very cute and modest and so my style 😉 Hope each of you have a wonderful evening!! Would love to hear from you!! Feel free to comment on my posts with any ideas or anything!! 

Good Sunday Night!

Hello all! How has your weekend been? Mine has been great!! Busy but great!! It’s been nice having warm weather here in Alabama after the three weeks of Winter Weather!! I love winter but it’s definitely going to be nice having some nice Spring weather coming our way! On Friday we went to Tractor Supply for our weekly animal feeding.. And we always go look at their baby chicks they get in during this time of the year.. We ended up getting three Bantam’s and three Cornish Rocks.. The Bantams are mine and they’re so cute!! Each of them have furry feet!! Here’s a picture of all three!

Today, my sister, mom, and I went to Target, Bath And Body Works, and Victoria’s Secret to use our free coupons and stuff! I got to use my free coupon at Bath And Body Works for my favorite lotion ever!! Paris Amour!! It was so good spending time with them!! My outfit for today was one of my favorite maxi dresses ever! and a cute short-sleeved grey cardigan! Paired with a cute bow headband!! I just absolutely love my modest style!! I’ve tried many times to wear pants, shorter skirts, etc but I just never feel comfortable in what I wear other than my style!! And I have to say I think my style looks very cute!:)
Here’s my outfit!!
And here’s my cute headband that I paired with my outfit! I think it looks cute, preppy, girly, and modest all at the same time!:)
Hope each of you have a wonderful Sunday night and a great Monday and rest of the week!! We are preparing for an entire week of rain here in Alabama! I shouldn’t complain, but with our ground already being very soggy it’s hard not to complain.. But I’m going to try very hard on not complaining and being thankful for the rain!!

Hobby Lobby deals

Good evening everyone!! I hope each of you have had a wonderful start to the week! It was rainy here and just very dreary but all in all it was a good day for me!! On Saturday, I was surprised with a gift card in the mail to one of my favorite places! Hobby Lobby!! It is my best friend’s favorite store also! (She’s also the  one that sent me the gift card) we went that same day too! And I found some awesome deals!! A wall decal for the master bedroom, some pictures to hang up in the house, several Valentine decor to decorate my house with during Valentine’s, a coffee cup, my wedding veil! I think I did an awesome job finding everything!! Pictures will be added under this post so you all can see my finds!! 

Hope y’all have a wonderful night!!