First Mother’s Day

Good morning everyone! First off I want to wish every mother a Happy Mother’s Day! I know that for some Mother’s Day is hard. Whether it is from the loss of a mother, loss of children! My heart goes out to each of the mothers whose heart hurts every Mother’s Day! 

This year will be my first Mother’s Day! Last year I was pregnant when Mother’s Day came around and even though I was a mom-to-be, it just felt a little weird celebrating Mother’s Day when babe was still in the womb. So I decided that I wouldn’t celebrate Mother’s Day until babe was here.. 11 months later and here we are, our first Mother’s Day! 

We have so many firsts in our life. First cry, first laugh, first walk, first word, first date, first love, first heartbreak, first child.. I have had all those firsts before and I think the greatest of these (aside from marrying the man of my dreams) is the first time I became a Mother! Did I read all the baby books there is? No. Did I know what to expect after baby came? No. Was I prepared for the sleepless nights of a newborn? Yes and No.. I didn’t know everything about becoming a mother.. I knew a little on how to care for children but as far as my own I was so scared on messing up and being a “bad mom”.. But as soon as she was laid in my arms minutes after birth all of my worries went away! It was like a fresh breath of air that washed over me! Seeing the joy in both my eyes and my husband’s was all that I needed! Has it been rough? Yes! But I don’t think Motherhood is suppose to be easy.. If that was so there wouldn’t be all the books written for and by moms to help other moms! There wouldn’t be books on what to expect during the first few years of having a child/children.. But I know that it’s the most amazing thing in the world! Becoming a mother was my all time wish as I grew up and became an adult.. It’s what I always dreamed about.. And now, I get to live that wonderful dream every single day!

Both of these pictures are my favorite! The one on the left was when Lexi was 1 week old. And the one on the right is now. Lexi is 11 months old now.. She is so spunky and full of life and I am so blessed to be able to call her mine! I can’t imagine life without her! Hope each of you have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.. Tell that special mother in your life how much you love them.. You may never now how much they’re hurting inside.. 


Lilly Pulitzer {Early Birthday Gift}

Hey everyone! So on Sunday while we were traveling home from a wonderful weekend in Tennessee, my husband and sweet little girl (11 months) planned a little surprise and took me to our Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store for my early birthday gift! My birthday isn’t until November, but for 2 years now (since my husband and I got married) I’ve gotten to get my birthday gift early so I can wear them as much as I want during the summer! I am a huge lover of the Lilly Pulitzer line! I love how bright and cheerful each print is! They really outdo themselves every year with every single new print they come up with! This year I got two new prints from the Summer line! I’ll go ahead and post the link under each of the outfits for anyone that wants it! 🙂


This dress is a super favorite of mine! I got a size Medium in it.. It’s the perfect length for any occasion as well!! This one is called “Short Sloane Dress” in Gypsea Pink!! Link here.


When I was looking at getting a pair of their shorts for the first time ever I came across their skorts and fell in love with this one! It is of the same pattern as the dress I got and didn’t realize it until after I got home and took pictures of them LOL!! Can’t wait to pair it with a cute top! I got a size 10 in this skort! If you haven’t bought anything from Lilly Pulitzer before or don’t know what size you would wear, I’d highly suggest going to your local store so you can try on clothing! Different pieces fit differently.. Link here for the skort!! 


Today, I am wearing one of my vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses that was given to me 2 1/2 years ago! This was shortly after discovering Lilly Pulitzer and falling in love with the brand and their bright colors!


I am unsure of the pattern nor does it matter to me because I love it no matter! 😉 What is your favorite from the summer line from Lilly Pulitzer??


Alexandra 11 Month Update

It’s so crazy to think that in 1 month we will have a 1 year old!! This year has flown by way too quickly! More quickly than what I would have liked!! This month Lexi turned 11 months old! She has been talking up a storm for the last 2 weeks! Loves to say “dada” and “mama” and also “I wove you” She already 30 inches tall! She’s going to be so tall and already is so tall! She has a dramatic side to her, and loves to show it on occasion.. She is very much a independent little girl, but will also want to cuddle at the same time! She loves to give hugs and say “awh” at the same time while giving hugs.. Loves ALL things FOOD!! Apple juice is her favorite juice. And Lemonade is her favorite as well! 

Saturday she was just not having it on getting her picture taken, and I snapped the picture just at the right moment! Love her whole expression about her picture being taken! Her hair has finally all turned red! She still has very gorgeous blue eyes!! She’s outgrown ALL 9 month clothing and is in nothing but 12 month and 18 month clothes! Since she’s so tall we have to get 18 month dresses just so they fit her! 🙂

We won’t be doing a huge first birthday party, but I’d like to get her a first birthday shirt/onesie.. Anyone have any recommendations on your favorite Etsy shops or small shops that make cute first birthday outfits? Let me know in the comments!!

Hope each of you have a wonderful day!


Traveling With Baby

Traveling with a baby can be stressful. Not knowing what to pack, and wondering if you forgot something. Which is always what happens to me! Today I’m writing a post about how we pack for our baby! And what we travel with!!

In Lexi’s bag is: Diapers, bath products, sleepsack, outfits, (depending on how many days we’re traveling will depend on how many extra outfits we pack along) Kidscents line from Young Living! We love the Kidscents line since its made specifically for kids! I put a roller fitment on them and go! I highly recommend them!🙌


Accessories we bring along: Pack & Play to use as a bed for Lexi, our travel stroller, toys for Lexi to play with. I will be adding pictures and links to the pack & play that we use, stoller, and also carriers that we can’t live without! 🙂

WildBird_Fall16_BeckyKimballPhoto_228This sling is our go-to now! It is by far my favorite easy up and down carrier! You can order them here.

A1giGkibwOL._SX522_We use this brand of pack & play and love it! Amazon has so many different colors to choose from and I love that the price is so affordable! And it makes for a easy bed for littles while traveling! The one we have doesn’t have wheels on the end, though I think it’s pretty genius to have the wheel on the end! You can get it right here.

07f0a19e-af7e-4631-bad1-77a0a8762061_1.8b66b95cdebf951f32365d27b19f83d9We bought this stroller when Walmart had it on sale for $35.00 which was a major score! And this is the best small travel stroller ever! It folds down like a umbrella stroller and is yet compact too! I highly recommend it to everyone! 🙂 Walmart has it right here.

What are your must haves for traveling with baby? I’d love to hear them!


*This post is not sponsored by any of the companies mentioned*