First Trimester Must Haves

untitled project 2019-01-25


Today on the blog, I wanted to talk about my favorite products that got me through the first trimester this time around.. This is long overdue as I am now 24 weeks pregnant and only have 4 weeks left of the second trimester, But I promise that my second trimester must haves will be up sooner than this one is!


So to start this off, the constant nausea was so horrible this time around! I found out I was pregnant at 3 1/2 weeks along.. and my “morning sickness” but I call it all day sickness started at 4 weeks pregnant.. So here’s my favorite things that helped ease my morning sickness for the most!

Preggie Pops Drops Plus, these drops helped alot! They’re formulated with natural ingredients and vitamin B6 to help ease morning sickness.. The amazing thing about this product is you can get it off Amazon, or you can get it in store at Target!

Sea-Band Mama Maternity Pack, These were such a lifesaver for the extreme intense morning sickness.. The pressure point bands go right on your wrist and help relieve the nausea! I also wear them when my motion sickness gets out of control!

Dramamine-N Multi purpose formula, this also helped with my nausea a lot! My morning sickness didn’t end until I was almost 17 weeks pregnant! The longest I have ever been sick with all my pregnancies! Of course make sure to talk with your health care provider before taking any medication!!


Now that we have the morning sickness remedies aside, let’s talk favorite clothes to have during the first trimester! My favorites were some maternity jeans! I had to start wearing maternity jeans starting at 10 weeks because I was already showing! Third pregnancy is no joke when you start showing! So I’ll link some of my favorites below!

Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Belly Super Stretch Jeans 

Secret Fit Belly Stitched Pocket Bootcut Maternity Jeans

Now onto favorite App! I have always loved the Ovia Pregnancy app! It’s what I used with my daughter and I love how easy it is! Definitely download it and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Favorite Prenatal has been the Olly Prenatal! I’ve been picking mine up at Target! But I love how I can get my DHA and Omega 3 just by taking it daily! It doesn’t have iron in it, but it’s not a concern for me as I eat a lot of iron rich foods!

My Essential Oils have been a HUGE help with this pregnancy! I so wanted to be able to incorporate my oils into this pregnancy and have my first oily pregnancy! Little did I know that I’d be relying on them so much! I can’t thank them enough! For those that haven’t used oils before and would like to, I highly suggest using Young Living oils, and also getting the Gentle Babies: Essential oil and natural remedies for Pregnancy, childbirth, infants and young children, and also the Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book, they’re so informative on oils that are safe for pregnancy and beyond! So my list of oils that helped a ton were: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Valor! Ningxia Red was also a huge help! It helped with some of my morning sickness but also helped with my constant exhaustion!

If you have any favorites definitely comment them below! I’d love to hear your favorites!


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