Youth Retreat and blog update!!

Hello all!! I am sorry I am just now writing a blog post!!
I have had a lot going on here of late and two just havent felt like posting! Youth Retreat went so well!! It is amazing how God speaks to one!! God has spoken to me everyday since Youth Retreat! And I am so amazed at what God is showing me!! Its been almost a week since we said goodbye to our dear friends that moved away! It was sure a very hard thing to do!! As I always say that are my “second family” and it sure felt like I was losing family!! But I look now and I know that God has a plan for them!! And I know that God has a plan for me as well!! Im so excited because hopefully I will be able to go to Antrim, Oh. for a visit!!:) I never know what God has instore for me!! LOL
Ok I am going to try and post some pics of youth retreat!! HAHA while I was there I sprained my wrist playing volleyball! But all is well now and its healing very good!:)

Here are some of the pictures I took! I will try and get some more up later!!:)
Hope each of you have a very wonderful night!!

New Blog Design

Hello all! I pray that each of yall are having a blessed day!! Right now here its raining very nicely and the canner is going on!! Mom and I canned 19 pints of Pumpkin!! Yes and that was just from one pumpkin!!! LOL.. I have redone my blog and made it the way that I like things for right now!! I really like the vintage look for my blog! Ha yes I love that kind for my blog but I am still very much a Zebra Stripe person for my room!! HAHA:) I hope each of you like it!! Feel free to comment on it!!:)
Hope each of you have a wonderful day!!