Blog Update:)

Hello all I pray that you have had a very blessed day so far! I apologize for not posting in a while.. Have been very busy the last few weeks and seldom get on to post.. I have posted some pics down below:) A dear friend of mine gave me this Covering. I am trying to position my bun the way it is suppose to look so the covering will look right.. As it looks in the pics its not suppose to look that way. I am still learning:) I do not wear it but I do like having it!:)

Oh and can’t forget the coffee! It is always good to have coffee in the morning!

Ok now for the actual update!
On Sunday evening I went to the Mennonite church I used to go to for the Ordination Service for the new Preacher.. It was the first time I have ever went to a Ordination Service of any sort at a Mennonite church.. I really enjoyed it! I am continuing to pray for the new Preacher over the church!:)
Spring has been here for a month now and yet it has been chilly that last few days.. 🙂
I pray that each of you have a very blessed day!!