Snow Day!

Hey everyone!! This evening as I watch one of my favorite movies ever Titanic, I decided to do a blog post! Yesterday at about 1:20pm we finally got some snow here in North Alabama!! It made my day just saying!! 🙂 it didn’t stop snowing until sometime around midnight!! In all here in the Somerville area we got about 11 inches of snow!! Can you believe that?! I’ll add some photos that I took of the beautiful winter wonderland lol:) 

This is when it first started snowing!
My sweet Mini eating the snow! 
And this was this morning! 
Along with this photo too! 
This is the snowman my sister and I made! 
And you just have to get a selfie with him too 🙂 
And got us two and the snowman in the photo too! Needless to say I’m so happy it snowed! It may have come a little late in the winter but I’m happy lol! Hope each of you have a wonderful night!! 

Happy winter day!

I know that most of my northern friends are sick of seeing snow by now! But if you live in the south like I do your probably wishing for snow!! And this year we haven’t gotten any! This morning when I woke up it was snowing! Yes actually snowing!! So I hurried up and took some pictures of it before it melted! I think by now I’m just going to travel north and enjoy their snow 😉 tonight we are under an winter weather watch for extreme cold air!!! Our wind chills are suppose to be -10 which is very un-normal for Alabama! I decided to today wear a very comfy outfit since I was inside pretty much all day! 

I thought it was a pretty cute outfit to put together! 🙂 what are your favorite outfit ideas for the winter time? Hope each of you have a safe and wonderful evening! Before I close I’m gonna post two pics of my cute doggies!! 
Here’s sweet Peppy:) my chihuahua!! 
And here’s my other sweet baby! Mini! She’s a chiweenie!! Love them both very much! 

Valentine’s Day weekend

Well it’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day! How many of you have plans for the weekend? Valentine’s Day is actually one holiday I don’t really do a whole lot for! I always do Valentine cards but that’s pretty much all! I know that sounds horrible! But Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day you buy a bunch of stuff to tell that special someone you love them! You should tell them that on a daily basis!! Anyways I’ve put together a cute Valentine’s Day weekend outfit I wanted to share! 

I’ve put together my favorite pair of jeans from Old Navy, a cute shirt I got from a boutique called Factory Connection, and since it’s really cold here in the South I put a pink long sleeve shirt under it! And couldn’t complete the outfit without my zebra stripe ballet flats! And red lip gloss just seemed perfect with this outfit!! 
Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend!! 

February 3,2015

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a little bit! Between painting and planning my wedding I’m quite busy! If your following me on Instagram then you’ve noticed that I’ve started posting my Preppy Outfits For The Day! I’ve started doing it, because it’s nice to show off my outfits! And it’s also nice to be able to say where I’ve gotten them from! I’m quite proud of getting them either given to me or finding cute style at thrift stores! You never know what kind of brands you’ll find at thrift stores! I found a Michael Kors shirt at one the other day! 🙂 anyways, today I got some pretty cute/preppy earrings at Walmart! And a pretty awesomely cute Eiffel Tower keychain that is sporting on my Lilly Pultizer wristlet right now! 🙂 I’ll post pictures of them all along with the wristlet that I got off of Poshmark! If you’ve never heard of Poshmark, well then let me tell you it’s an amazing app that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories! I’m really happy and satisfied with the app! If you have a Poshmark, feel free to follow me! 😉 

Here’s me wearing one pair of the pearls! 🙂 

Here’s all of the earrings minus the one pair I’m wearing lol! 🙂 

My cute Eiffel Tower keychain! I do have an obsession with EVERYTHING Paris! 😉 

And me wearing my other new pair!! Can’t wait to pair this one up to a cute preppy outfit!!! 
Hope each of you have a great week!! 
Elizabeth 💋