Abundantly blessed!!!!

To start off this blog post I just wanna say how much I am so happy that my “second family” is home for a couple of weeks!!!!:) oh how I have missed them so much!! But I’m also sad that they are moving to Ohio.. But I know that it’s God’s plan!
On Thursday, we went over to their house to see them! Oh it was such a wonderful time!! I don’t think I have laughed that much in a while! While we were there my friend Gina gave me her cape dresses!!:) I got 17 new dresses!!:) that was like Christmas to me!! Haha I know that sounds funny but it’s the truth! Haha

Mom and I went and got two big pumpkins from Walmart to can:) that’s going to be fun!! Haha
On Tuesday I’m going over to one of my friends house to help make applesauce to can! I have never done that before so I know that will be lots of fun!! Haha then when I get home on Tuesday it will be the fun part of packing for youth retreat.. Haha
Then from Wednesday till Sunday will be youth retreat.. So yes it will be a very busy week!! Haha
Well I hope each of you have a very blessed night!!

Blog update!

Hello all! I pray that each of you are having a blessed Sunday! I do have some questions for those that sew with plain colors!!
I am looking for dress fabric and I have looked and to be honest I was so surprised to see that fabric is so expensive!! I am in desperate need of some cape dresses and so my mom and I have went and looked in our town! Would anyone know of any other places that might sell fabric for a good price? Even if I have to order it in! I’m thinking on my birthday/Christmas list will be plain fabric!:) lol!!

Also I am posting my covering pics!! I love them so much! And will have to get used to wearing them more often! Haha
Happy Sunday!

Canning season

Hello all! As most of y’all know we have been in canning season! Haha I have helped mom can pears, cantaloupe, carrots, monkey butter, and I know there are much more just can’t think of them right off the top of my head right now.. Haha
This weekend I also helped mom reorganized the pantry! Which was no small task! But we worked on it on Saturday and yesterday.. With the help from my two sisters.. I have enclosed a picture of what it looks like now! Sorry I didn’t take a pic of what it looked like before! It would have been really good if I did though!! Haha
Anyways, I pray that each of you have a blessed day!!