Blog Update!!

Good morning everyone! I pray that your Monday has been good so far!! I know I haven’t posted in over a month! So I am going to today with some Wedding pictures, and some house pictures that I have taken! The last two weeks we have been busy painting our house! It have been so much fun picking the colors out together and painting together!! 🙂

Ok, onto wedding pics!
Beautiful shot that my sister Becky took! Absolutely love it!
All the Bridesmaids, Maid Of Honor, Groomsmen, Best Man, And of course the Bride and Groom! 😉

Us with my family!! So blessed to be able to have them all at our wedding!! Absolutely memorable!
One of my most favorite pictures ever!!! 🙂

Our gorgeous wedding cake that a dear friend made us!!

My cousin with her little boy 🙂

My two sweet friends that I get to call sisters!!! 🙂

Our Bridal party table! 🙂

My sister 🙂
Our Living room 🙂

Our Living room 🙂 

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

And our picture frame that a wonderful dear friend made for us with our special wedding pictures in them!! I so love this!! 🙂

Yesterday was National Wear Lilly Day since it was also the first day of summer.. So I will post a picture of my Lilly dress!!
I am so in love with this dress and all the bright and pretty colors!! I pray that each of you have a very  blessed week! I’ll try and post more often!!