Sundays are a time of rest.. Oh most say it is! But for me Sunday’s are more to me than just rest.. It means I can get up that morning and be able to go to church and worship my Lord!! Most would think that’s a boring life! (if your not a christian) but I feel so honored to be able to live in a country that I have freedom of religion!! We take it for granted everyday for that! But what we really need to do is be thankful that our country was founded on freedom of religion!!:) just my thoughts!!

So what are your plans for today? How about for the entire week?
Monday for me is going to be a day of helping with canning.. And then Tuesday I am so excited to be able to see some dear friends that live in Mississippi!! We haven’t seen them in over a year!! So it will be so nice to see them!!:)
Well I will be heading to church soon! Hope each of you have a blessed day!!

Blog post finally!

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I have been lacking with my blog!! I’ve been extremely busy with helping mom with the canning! That I have completely forgotten to post/ update!! I will try to get more better at updating more often!! How is your summer going? I am so very excited that I get to go to antrim Ohio in September! I’ve never been to that area before and I know I will so love it! I will also be going to Holmes county while I’m up there too!:) hope each of y’all have a wonderfully blessed evening!!:)