Alexandra 10 Month Update

This month Lexi turned 10 months old! It’s crazy how fast she growing up! This month she’s been learning to take steps! She taken about 5 steps with the help of holding onto things! I am so proud at all of her milestones she’s hitting!! This month was Lexi’s first Easter.. We went to an amazing Easter Sunrise Service and we loved it.. Lexi also loved it in spite of her having to be up early! She’s so much like me, she loves her sleep! I’ve included a family picture as well as her 10 month pictures below..

It’s going to be so much fun when Lexi starts talking.. Lately she’s been babbling way more, and saying little words here and there but nothing hardcore yet.. She has 4 teeth now.. Two top, and two bottoms.. Teething is rough but I am hoping we are having a slight break from them.. Being a mother is so amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Anyways, hope each of you have a wonderful night..