Back To Blogging!

Hello all! Starting this post out by saying I am back to blogging! Taking a break was honestly so good for myself! I also am going to be doing a little update with what we’ve been up to!

So to start this off, our girlie is gonna be a big sister! May 2019 she’ll have a baby brother! We are beyond excited and so blessed God is blessing us with a baby boy! I was so sick my entire first trimester (I was sick with Lexi but not as bad) and still have bouts of exhaustion! I’m 23.6 weeks along! Baby boy is right on track for everything! We’re keeping an eye on my blood pressure to make sure it doesn’t start to get high, but so far we’ve been great with it! 👐

I’ve been thinking about doing some maternity outfit style posts. Would y’all like to see that? Give me all your ideas for blog posts to come! I’ll be sharing baby boy’s room once we start getting it ready!

Shop My Look: Sweater top, No longer available but here is a Similar option with many others! Maternity Leggings: Essential Stretch Secret Fit Leggings Necklace: The Silver Wren Custom Initial Necklace


Here’s a picture of my baby bump! This is one of my favorite tops from Pink Blush Maternity! Can’t link it since its almost 3 years old and they no longer sell it!😭 My leggings are Motherhood Maternity ones! Can’t seem to find a link for them right now! But will try to find a similar pair and link them!

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January Ipsy Glam Bag Review

I’ve been meaning to get this review typed up for two weeks now and kept forgetting.. Well not really forgetting, just been busy! After we got back from our Chattanooga trip my poor husband came down with the flu, Lexi and I both got a cold that lasted like 3 days for both of us! So needless to say it’s been crazy hectic! But anyways, I wanted to start this year by reviewing my Ipsy Glam Bag! I know alot of people do YouTube reviews of them, but I wanted to do blog posts instead since I’m too terrified to try out vlogging!🙈 so this months Ipsy was totally a favorite of mine! I love every item I got and have used them quite a bit!!

1.) So Susan liquid Matte lipstick

I really love the formula of this liquid lipstick! It’s nice and matte but yet not drying and the pigment in it is amazing! It’s also cruelty free which is a must for me since I only use cruelty free products!

2.) Ciate Fierce Flicks Liquid Eyeliner

So I’m obsessed with liquid eyeliners! Like majorly obsessed! This one is so good! The black is nice and black, it’s easy to use and if your good at a wing liner this is the perfect liner to use! I suck at wing liners so I just do a simple line!

3.) Emma V.S.N.P Nail Polish

This color is so pretty! It’s also cruelty free and free of 8 chemicals that are in most nail polishes! The pigment is amazing and two coats brings out the color so well! I can get about 3 days wear out of it before it starts chipping and that’s amazing since most of my polishes chip after day 1!

4.) Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter By The Balm

I was so excited to find that I was getting this highlighter in my bag! I’ve been wanting to try it out so bad but didn’t want to buy a full size product and not like it! It’s a very subtle highlight but that’s one reason why I love it! I have so many blinding highlighters so it’s nice having one that isn’t so blinding lol!😂😂

5.) Trust Fund Beauty Lip Scrub

I’m usually one for lip scrubs.. I guess I just couldn’t find the “right” one! So I was kinda sceptical and it.. But I tried it out like I do every thing else and quickly fell in love with it! It gently exfoliates your lips and it leaves your lips feeling so soft! I always add a lip balm on my lips after using this scrub to add more softness! I use this at night before I go to bed!

So, I really hope you like my review! It’s fun trying out and seeing what works for me and also letting each of you know what I think about these products!! Have a wonderful day!


Salty Bow Co 

If your following me on Instagram (if your not and want go follow along with the daily life, then head to my page by clicking on the instagram grid on the side) then you’ve seen me posting about Salty Bow Co. We’ve been a brand rep for their fall line and it’s been so exciting pairing up the different bows with Lexi’s outfits! They make the cutest little bows ever! They also make bibs, and paci clip! I love supporting small shops and their owners! Salty Bow Co donates New Mom boxes to new mothers who just had a baby! It’s amazing to see their ministry grow! I’ll be adding our pictures so far of Lexi modeling their bows! If you’d like to purchase anything from them use code ALEXANDRA10 for a discount! Shop by clicking here.👉Salty Bow Co. 

This one is my favorite taken recently with our newest bow! I love how it looks like she’s reading, though she’s watching TV.

Holding daddy’s candy was the only way to keep her sitting long enough for a picture!😂

This girl has so much sass! Toddlers are so fun! Sporting our Brand Rep exclusive bow right here!

Lexi modeling Salty Bow Co paci clip!

One of our favorites is this maroon bow! It’s just the cutest!

Our first bow and we still love this one!

So far these are the pictures we’ve taken! I just love being a brand rep for this amazing small business company! Hope each of you have a wonderful night!


Amazingly Blessed Shop 

Good afternoon! Today it’s been rainy and chilly.. I’m guessing we are getting leftover rain from the tropical depression that’s made it’s way through to here in North West Mississippi.. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by hurricane Irma!💜

Ok, so I’m so excited to announce that I’m opening my own business!! I’ll be selling Ring Slings, and brimless bonnets! I’m sure there will be more things but at this moment those are what I have on my list! I’ve wanted to sell homemade items for a couple years, but to be honest I didn’t think my sewing abilities were that Good! I’m hoping to have my website go live in December this year! So right now I’ve been busy sewing up cute bonnets! I do have a instagram page for everyone to keep up to date with everything so I’ll be linking that below! 

Amazingly Blessed Shop

Here’s a sneak peek of the bonnets I’ve made so far! 💜💜 I’m so excited to see how this business takes off!


Miss Fong Diaper Bag 

Good evening! Today I got in a Miss Fong Diaper Bag. I wanted a Fawn Design diaper bag so bad, but let me be honest. I couldn’t justify the price of it for me to buy one! Definitely NOT judging anyone for buying a Fawn Design!! I found the Miss Fong one through a mama BST group and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it! It looks EXACTLY like a Fawn Design! It does have more pockets than the fawn design ones do. And honestly for $45.00 can’t beat that price!! It also comes with stroller straps, crossbody straps, and also a changing mat! The changing mat is amazing since you can use it anywhere!! The backpack straps are amazing, and they don’t dig in your shoulder either! 

I’ve only had this for today, but I know it will be the only diaper bag I’ll use! I’m already wanting some of the other colors they have! I ordered this one off of Amazon so I’ll link it below! These do tend to go out of stock alot so order before they do!! Miss Fong Diaper Bag

Hope each of you have a wonderful evening!!


Lilly Pulitzer {Early Birthday Gift}

Hey everyone! So on Sunday while we were traveling home from a wonderful weekend in Tennessee, my husband and sweet little girl (11 months) planned a little surprise and took me to our Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store for my early birthday gift! My birthday isn’t until November, but for 2 years now (since my husband and I got married) I’ve gotten to get my birthday gift early so I can wear them as much as I want during the summer! I am a huge lover of the Lilly Pulitzer line! I love how bright and cheerful each print is! They really outdo themselves every year with every single new print they come up with! This year I got two new prints from the Summer line! I’ll go ahead and post the link under each of the outfits for anyone that wants it! 🙂


This dress is a super favorite of mine! I got a size Medium in it.. It’s the perfect length for any occasion as well!! This one is called “Short Sloane Dress” in Gypsea Pink!! Link here.


When I was looking at getting a pair of their shorts for the first time ever I came across their skorts and fell in love with this one! It is of the same pattern as the dress I got and didn’t realize it until after I got home and took pictures of them LOL!! Can’t wait to pair it with a cute top! I got a size 10 in this skort! If you haven’t bought anything from Lilly Pulitzer before or don’t know what size you would wear, I’d highly suggest going to your local store so you can try on clothing! Different pieces fit differently.. Link here for the skort!! 


Today, I am wearing one of my vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses that was given to me 2 1/2 years ago! This was shortly after discovering Lilly Pulitzer and falling in love with the brand and their bright colors!


I am unsure of the pattern nor does it matter to me because I love it no matter! 😉 What is your favorite from the summer line from Lilly Pulitzer??


Blog Update!!

Good morning everyone! I pray that your Monday has been good so far!! I know I haven’t posted in over a month! So I am going to today with some Wedding pictures, and some house pictures that I have taken! The last two weeks we have been busy painting our house! It have been so much fun picking the colors out together and painting together!! 🙂

Ok, onto wedding pics!
Beautiful shot that my sister Becky took! Absolutely love it!
All the Bridesmaids, Maid Of Honor, Groomsmen, Best Man, And of course the Bride and Groom! 😉

Us with my family!! So blessed to be able to have them all at our wedding!! Absolutely memorable!
One of my most favorite pictures ever!!! 🙂

Our gorgeous wedding cake that a dear friend made us!!

My cousin with her little boy 🙂

My two sweet friends that I get to call sisters!!! 🙂

Our Bridal party table! 🙂

My sister 🙂
Our Living room 🙂

Our Living room 🙂 

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

And our picture frame that a wonderful dear friend made for us with our special wedding pictures in them!! I so love this!! 🙂

Yesterday was National Wear Lilly Day since it was also the first day of summer.. So I will post a picture of my Lilly dress!!
I am so in love with this dress and all the bright and pretty colors!! I pray that each of you have a very  blessed week! I’ll try and post more often!!

Good Sunday Afternoon!

Good Sunday afternoon everyone! Praying that each of you have had a wonderful and refreshed week! I know I have! And what better way to end my weekend than to help clean up the yard and burn off any old wood that we don’t need anymore! 🙂
I’m going to post on here each of my outfits that I took pics of this week! I love being a “girly girl” as most people would say! 😉
Here’s last Sunday’s outfit..

This one is my Eiffel Tower sundress that I absolutely love! I paired it with a pearl necklace, and pink cardigan, and some cute earrings!
Here’s another one! I love this Forever 21 top that my sister gave me.. I paired it with my White House Black Market skirt.. 
This was Friday’s outfit.. Again this is a favorite of mine too! Since Friday was a little chilly here in Alabama, I decided to pair it with my Ann Taylor cardigan.. And again I added my pink pearl necklace with it and some adorable earrings!
Yesterday was one of those days where I just couldn’t figure out what I wanted to wear.. Have any of you girl’s been that way? I finally decided to wear this cute Maxi dress that mom gave me paired with my Eiffel Tower necklace that my dear friend gave me! 

And I ended up putting this cute bow headband with it too.. Even if it didn’t match my outfit 😉 I don’t have a picture of my outfit for today, since I’ve been helping in the yard I decided that old clothes was the best choice! 
Hope each of you have a wonderful and blessed day and week!! I’ll try and be a bit more active this week.. I’m loving the new update on my MacBook Air and can easily share my pictures on here without having to download them!! 🙂
Elizabeth ~XOXO

Good morning!

Hello all! Sorry I haven’t posted sooner! We’ve been busy getting our Christmas shopping done! I just love the Christmas holidays! Yesterday was a very sad day for me.. My sweet baby kitty who was only 2 years old died yesterday morning.. He was such the sweetest little kitty and he will be greatly missed!! 

Here’s a picture of him! 🙂 
Today is a pretty chilly day here! So of course I have a modest winter outfit on! 
Here’s my outfit for the day! 
Skirt: Old Navy
Tank: Walmart
Cardigan: Elle 
Scarf: (not shown) Walmart 
Shoes: my favorite zebra stripe ballet flats 
I pray each of you have a wonderful weekend! And pray that you have a wonderful Christmas holidays too! 
Speaking of Christmas, what is your favorite thing about Christmas? Mine would have to be spending time with family and getting to celebrate my wonderful Saviour’s birth!! 

Modest fashion

Hello all! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been on in a while! We’ve been major busy with canning and getting ready for the holidays! And planning my wedding!! 😊 

I’ve decided to start posting pictures of my outfits! Make my blog into a modest fashion blog! I will say most of my clothes were either given to me or I got from thrift stores so I’ll just put the names of each article of clothing!:) if any of you have a question feel free to ask!! 😊 

Here is my outfit for today! 
Skirt: Old Navy 
Pink shirt: Rue 21 
Vest: Walmart 
Scarf: Walmart 
I hope each of you have a very blessed evening!