Owen Thomas Whitten {Birth Story}



I am finally getting around to writing out Owen’s birth story! It’s taken me 3 months to finally do it! On April 23, 2019 we welcomed our sweet baby boy! It was a complete roller coaster the last two weeks before he was born! We went through 35 weeks of my pregnancy without any issues with my blood pressure. I was off my medicine because it was causing my blood pressure to drop so low and I was passing out due to it. We hit 35 weeks and that’s when my blood pressure decided to start acting up. At my 35 week checkup my blood pressure reading was 162/100 and of course with that high of a reading I got sent to the hospital for monitoring.. While there we found out I would need 12 hours of Magnesium and I had a moderate case of Pre-eclampsia. My protein levels were almost 400! I was also diagnosed with Chronic Hypertension.. I ended up having to have my labor stopped while there because the magnesium caused me to start having contractions, which is not very common! I was finally able to go home after a 4 day stay at the hospital.. But was also put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Before 37 weeks of pregnancy I was sent to the hospital once more for Blood pressure monitoring.. At 37 weeks we went in for our induction! Induction was started at 7am, and by 5pm I asked for an epidural because I just couldn’t take the pain anymore. Inductions are super hard on your body, and I went in at only 1cm dilated and 50% effaced.. By 6pm, my epidural was in and I was finally able to relax fully.. Now my epidural only numbed about half my body which now I’m super happy it did because it helped me be able to push when the time came! About an hour later I told the nurse that I was only numbed half way and she went to go check me before calling in more epidural medicine and I was finally 10 cm! I was at a 6 when I got the epidural. And once the Dr. was called in, I pushed for about 10 minutes and he was born!! Owen weighed in at 7 pounds 7 ounces and 20.5 inches tall! Lexi was so excited to meet her baby brother the next day! And she’s been the sweetest Big Sister ever! 


While at the hospital we had a dear friend take Newborn/fresh 48 pictures of Owen! And I’m still so in love with them! She did such amazing work! 


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We are so in love with our little man and so thankful He completed our family!!


First Trimester Must Haves

untitled project 2019-01-25


Today on the blog, I wanted to talk about my favorite products that got me through the first trimester this time around.. This is long overdue as I am now 24 weeks pregnant and only have 4 weeks left of the second trimester, But I promise that my second trimester must haves will be up sooner than this one is!


So to start this off, the constant nausea was so horrible this time around! I found out I was pregnant at 3 1/2 weeks along.. and my “morning sickness” but I call it all day sickness started at 4 weeks pregnant.. So here’s my favorite things that helped ease my morning sickness for the most!

Preggie Pops Drops Plus, these drops helped alot! They’re formulated with natural ingredients and vitamin B6 to help ease morning sickness.. The amazing thing about this product is you can get it off Amazon, or you can get it in store at Target!

Sea-Band Mama Maternity Pack, These were such a lifesaver for the extreme intense morning sickness.. The pressure point bands go right on your wrist and help relieve the nausea! I also wear them when my motion sickness gets out of control!

Dramamine-N Multi purpose formula, this also helped with my nausea a lot! My morning sickness didn’t end until I was almost 17 weeks pregnant! The longest I have ever been sick with all my pregnancies! Of course make sure to talk with your health care provider before taking any medication!!


Now that we have the morning sickness remedies aside, let’s talk favorite clothes to have during the first trimester! My favorites were some maternity jeans! I had to start wearing maternity jeans starting at 10 weeks because I was already showing! Third pregnancy is no joke when you start showing! So I’ll link some of my favorites below!

Motherhood Maternity Secret Fit Belly Super Stretch Jeans 

Secret Fit Belly Stitched Pocket Bootcut Maternity Jeans

Now onto favorite App! I have always loved the Ovia Pregnancy app! It’s what I used with my daughter and I love how easy it is! Definitely download it and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!

Favorite Prenatal has been the Olly Prenatal! I’ve been picking mine up at Target! But I love how I can get my DHA and Omega 3 just by taking it daily! It doesn’t have iron in it, but it’s not a concern for me as I eat a lot of iron rich foods!

My Essential Oils have been a HUGE help with this pregnancy! I so wanted to be able to incorporate my oils into this pregnancy and have my first oily pregnancy! Little did I know that I’d be relying on them so much! I can’t thank them enough! For those that haven’t used oils before and would like to, I highly suggest using Young Living oils, and also getting the Gentle Babies: Essential oil and natural remedies for Pregnancy, childbirth, infants and young children, and also the Betsy Bosom’s Baby Book, they’re so informative on oils that are safe for pregnancy and beyond! So my list of oils that helped a ton were: Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense, Valor! Ningxia Red was also a huge help! It helped with some of my morning sickness but also helped with my constant exhaustion!

If you have any favorites definitely comment them below! I’d love to hear your favorites!


Salty Bow Co 

If your following me on Instagram (if your not and want go follow along with the daily life, then head to my page by clicking on the instagram grid on the side) then you’ve seen me posting about Salty Bow Co. We’ve been a brand rep for their fall line and it’s been so exciting pairing up the different bows with Lexi’s outfits! They make the cutest little bows ever! They also make bibs, and paci clip! I love supporting small shops and their owners! Salty Bow Co donates New Mom boxes to new mothers who just had a baby! It’s amazing to see their ministry grow! I’ll be adding our pictures so far of Lexi modeling their bows! If you’d like to purchase anything from them use code ALEXANDRA10 for a discount! Shop by clicking here.👉Salty Bow Co. 

This one is my favorite taken recently with our newest bow! I love how it looks like she’s reading, though she’s watching TV.

Holding daddy’s candy was the only way to keep her sitting long enough for a picture!😂

This girl has so much sass! Toddlers are so fun! Sporting our Brand Rep exclusive bow right here!

Lexi modeling Salty Bow Co paci clip!

One of our favorites is this maroon bow! It’s just the cutest!

Our first bow and we still love this one!

So far these are the pictures we’ve taken! I just love being a brand rep for this amazing small business company! Hope each of you have a wonderful night!


Miss Fong Diaper Bag 

Good evening! Today I got in a Miss Fong Diaper Bag. I wanted a Fawn Design diaper bag so bad, but let me be honest. I couldn’t justify the price of it for me to buy one! Definitely NOT judging anyone for buying a Fawn Design!! I found the Miss Fong one through a mama BST group and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it! It looks EXACTLY like a Fawn Design! It does have more pockets than the fawn design ones do. And honestly for $45.00 can’t beat that price!! It also comes with stroller straps, crossbody straps, and also a changing mat! The changing mat is amazing since you can use it anywhere!! The backpack straps are amazing, and they don’t dig in your shoulder either! 

I’ve only had this for today, but I know it will be the only diaper bag I’ll use! I’m already wanting some of the other colors they have! I ordered this one off of Amazon so I’ll link it below! These do tend to go out of stock alot so order before they do!! Miss Fong Diaper Bag

Hope each of you have a wonderful evening!!


0ur Favorite Toddler Cups

Good afternoon! Today I’m putting together a post on our favorite sippy cups for toddlers! We switched Lexi over to a sippy when she turned 1. She had them before she was 1 but we didn’t enforce sippy’s all the time until she turned 1! Lexi has always liked soft spout sippy cups and to be honest it’s quite hard to try and find nice soft spout sippy cups that are for older children!

1. Pura stainless steel toddler cup!

We love this toddler cup because it’s stainless steel. Yay for zero plastic! And it’s a soft spout sippy spout too! We found ours at our local Kroger Marketplace but I’ll link one from Amazon as well! I’m highly impressed with it and it’s by far our favorite! Picture below of Lexi drinking from her Pura Bottle! ❤ Pura Toddler Cup

2. Take & Toss sippy cups!

Ok, so I found these yesterday and I don’t understand the whole take and toss part! I know they’re plastic and made from recycled materials,  but they’re so handy and if they get lost while out and about I don’t feel like it’ll be the end of the world!🙈 these cups will be perfect for milk, juice, etc. We will be keeping these in our diaper bag for trips to town, zoo, and even the lake! I’m really impressed with these! And Lexi actually took them very easily! I found these at Wal-Mart and I’ll link some below as well! Take and toss

3. Munchkin Straw cup!

So a couple months ago, I ordered off of Amazon a 2 pack straw cups! I wasn’t sure if Lexi would take it or not, but it was worth a try! Little did I know, it would be her favorite straw cups ever! I really like the brand we have because it’s all one piece! It can be hard to clean but I use the skinny bottle brush that comes with the Dr. Brown bottles to clean the straw part! We also only use it for juice or tea! We ended up accidentally leaving one of the cups at a restaurant while visiting in Alabama so I’ll need to order another one soon.. Munchkin Straw Cup

4. Munchkin soft spout sippy!

Our last favorite sippy is the cheap $2.00 Munchkin soft spout sippy cup you can pick up at Wal-Mart or anywhere! We picked this one up first and Lexi has loved it ever since! I know we might have a lot of favorites but for us, I like to have a variety of sippy cups in case one gets lost or left somewhere! I’ll try and link one off of Amazon if I can find it! Unfortunately Muchkin has discontinued these specific one that I have pictured below but I’m linking a similar one here. Munchkin Soft Spout sippy

What are your favorite sippy cups for your little’s?


Seventh Generation Diaper Review

I had the opportunity to review a package of  Seventh Generation Free & Clear Diapers! I received them FREE from Seventh Generation!

Ok, so we have been using them for 2 days now and they are wonderful! They hold up really well and glad that my baby girl stays nice and dry in them! We haven’t tried them at night since my 4 month old sleeps through the night and I don’t want her to be soak and wet by the time she wakes up in the morning! If you’re looking for nice cotton disposable diapers Seventh Generation Free & Clear diapers are the way to go! They have the cutest designs out now too!!
Highly recommend them!