How We Incorporate Oils Into Our Daily Life.

*Before starting this post I just want to put this out there. First I’m a mother not a doctor, so please if you are taking any medications please do not stop taking them. Also please don’t ask me any medical advice.. Please talk with your doctor about any questions you might have.*
Happy Sunday! I’ve been wanting to do a post on how we incorporate essential oils into our daily life for several months now, but didn’t know where to start or even how to start! When I joined Young Living in October 2016 I didn’t know how I’d use the oils I had in my hands! I knew I wanted Thieves for immune support, lavender for skin support! Now we can’t go a day without using our oils! I’ve made up different diffuser blends, we diffuse nightly in our little’s room for sleep support for her. I also have a sleepy spray that I use nightly on her crib.. There are so many oils for so many things! I love to use Thieves, lemon, lavender, and oregano for my immune support roller. I have a allergy support roller, stress away for those stressful days/grocery shopping! {Need I say more on the shopping subject πŸ˜‰} so today I’m writing this post on how I use our oils for our everyday life..

1. Hormone support- each morning I use Progessence Plus on my wrists for hormone support. This oil has been magical for my crazy hormones before and during my monthly time! It’s helped tone down some of my crazy cramps as well! It doesn’t take away all my cramps because let’s be honest, we have to experience the cramps!πŸ™ˆ but during the times where it feels like I can’t handle the cramps I use my roller of PanAway, peppermint, and lavender and roll it on my lower abdomen to help. I’m one who doesn’t like to take medicine if I dont absolutely have to! So to have these oils to help support my body is simply amazing!!

2. Immune Support- immune support is a big thing for me! I used to be sick almost the whole winter before changing my eating habits and using oils to help boost my immune system! This past winter my family only got a cold 2 times! And I know I have my oils to thank for that! Any time we felt like we were coming down with something I’d double up on our Thieves roller and also diffuse thieves through out the house..

3. Workout support- I know there’s alot of mamas who love to work out. Whether it’s at home or at a gym! There are some amazing oils to help support our muscles while working out.. I love to use Deep relief roller after a quick session of Pop Pilates to help with any tightness that might happen.. also a roller with PanAway works wonders as well! Lemon is so wonderful to add to your water bottle for an added boost! {Always remember to use a glass water bottle or a stainless steel water bottle when using EO’s}

4. Baby support- this one right here has to be my favorite! Supporting our little one’s body! Young Living has an amazing KidScents line especially formulated for kids! All of the oils in the Kidscents line are pre-diluted and ready to use! Nightly we use 2 drops of Sleepyize in my little’s diffuser for a good night’s sleep! Tummygize on the tummy when she’s got tummy problems, sniffleease for any sniffles that she might have and works amazing for colds.. Gentle baby isn’t part of the Kidscents line, but it’s a MUST have if you have kids, babies, or are pregnant! Add it into a lotion base and rub it on your growing belly to help with stretch marks! Β {It seriously works!} I also add it to my little’s bath water!
The amazing thing that I’ve found with Young Living is, they don’t have just oils! They have supplements, Ningxia Red, protein powders, and so much more! Below I’ll be adding some awesome pictures on different diffuser blends, oils for him, her, baby, and pets etc. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post!

Hope each of you have a wonderful week! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I’ll also be adding my link for anyone who would like it!Β join Young Living

Thank you for reading my blog post!!


*I do not take credit for all of the pictures provided!*


8 thoughts on “How We Incorporate Oils Into Our Daily Life.

  1. Ahh, this explains so much. I’m like an idiot when it comes to oils and this is so helpful. When or if I ever get a period again, I will definitely need some oils for hormone support!
    Thank you so much for all this info!!

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