Lilly Pulitzer {Early Birthday Gift}

Hey everyone! So on Sunday while we were traveling home from a wonderful weekend in Tennessee, my husband and sweet little girl (11 months) planned a little surprise and took me to our Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store for my early birthday gift! My birthday isn’t until November, but for 2 years now (since my husband and I got married) I’ve gotten to get my birthday gift early so I can wear them as much as I want during the summer! I am a huge lover of the Lilly Pulitzer line! I love how bright and cheerful each print is! They really outdo themselves every year with every single new print they come up with! This year I got two new prints from the Summer line! I’ll go ahead and post the link under each of the outfits for anyone that wants it! 🙂


This dress is a super favorite of mine! I got a size Medium in it.. It’s the perfect length for any occasion as well!! This one is called “Short Sloane Dress” in Gypsea Pink!! Link here.


When I was looking at getting a pair of their shorts for the first time ever I came across their skorts and fell in love with this one! It is of the same pattern as the dress I got and didn’t realize it until after I got home and took pictures of them LOL!! Can’t wait to pair it with a cute top! I got a size 10 in this skort! If you haven’t bought anything from Lilly Pulitzer before or don’t know what size you would wear, I’d highly suggest going to your local store so you can try on clothing! Different pieces fit differently.. Link here for the skort!! 


Today, I am wearing one of my vintage Lilly Pulitzer dresses that was given to me 2 1/2 years ago! This was shortly after discovering Lilly Pulitzer and falling in love with the brand and their bright colors!


I am unsure of the pattern nor does it matter to me because I love it no matter! 😉 What is your favorite from the summer line from Lilly Pulitzer??



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