Lexi {7 Month Update}

Hello everyone! Hope each of you have been having a wonderful New Year and January! We had some snow near the beginning of this month which is so rare for North West Mississippi!! We’ve also had some nice warm days as well! I really can’t wait for Spring so we can take Lexi to the park to swing and such! This month Lexi turned 7 months old! She’s such a spunky little girl! She loves food, her daddy, going to the zoo, playing with her puppy (Cassie our Great Dane) and just overall loves learning new things! 💖😊

I have included some of my favorites this month! Having a cell phone to capture every moment is so amazing! I am so blessed to be this girl’s mom! It’s so fun to watch her grow and become more mobile these past few months! This month she hit a milestone and has been learning the ropes of crawling! Watching her hit these milestones are so awesome! I am in awe every day with how much she’s growing and learning! 😍😘💖

Hope each of you have a wonderful evening!


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