Planned Parenthood Scandal

As most of you have probably seen yesterday, there has been a scandal come out about a Planned Parenthood Executive selling baby body parts for money!! This just sickens me that a person would want to sell aborted BABY body parts!! Here is the link to the news article for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet… Planned Parenthood sells baby body parts 
The whole situation just makes me mad!! And for someone to have no remorse over the whole thing is just sickening!! I understand that Pro-Choice people believe that a baby isn’t a baby until it is born.. But I am sorry I don’t believe that at all!!! A BABY is a BABY even before it is born!! 

I agree with this whole heartedly!!! There are thousands of families everyday who would love to be able to have children who can’t that would gladly adopt!! Why can’t we stand up and give the information to those who have thought about having an abortion done? I think its time we as a Pro-Life whole need to stand up and fight for the ones who are little and can’t fight for themselves!!!
Yes a person is a person no matter how small they are!!! 

I pray that each of you have a wonderful evening!!


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