Preppy style!

Hey everyone! I hope each of you have had a wonderful week so far!! Hope your weekend is off to a great start too!! Ok, I’m gonna write a blog post on Preppy Style.. Most that follow my blog, instagram, and Facebook know I’m a Preppy girl at heart!! Always have been! Well now I will post websites where you can buy preppy clothes! Most of mine have been given to me, But this dress that I’m wearing below is from and I got it while on our honeymoon in Washington, D.C. and I can honestly say I am so in love with the way this dress fits and how cute it looks too!! I paired my pair of real pearl necklace with it that my grandmother gave me to wear on my wedding day, and a pair of pearl studs that’s not pictured also to make the outfit complete! 🙂 It’s really easy to get the preppy look! And really not that hard to find pieces at Thrift stores or where ever you shop at! 🙂
Ok, now onto different websites to purchase preppy Clothes…
There’s a few for right now! Also if you follow me on Pinterest, I have a board all for Preppy Style and there’s some absolutely adorable styles on there to get inspirations from! Well I’m off of here for a little while! Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend!

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