Good Evening!

Good evening everyone! How has your Tuesday been? Mine has been good! Despite the couple thunderstorms we’ve had it’s been an amazing sun shiny day! Since it’s Spring, I think it’s allowed to bring pop-up showers here for us! 😉

Tonight I watched Jessa’s wedding special for 19 Kids & Counting.. And let’s just say I was absolutely in love with how everything was done! She had an absolute gorgeous wedding!! ❤ And then it had me thinking, in just 60 days I will be walking down the isle with my father and getting married!! It honestly feels like it's still months away, but in reality it's coming up FAST!!! I'm so excited but yet I'm so chilled about it too! I know that probably sounds crazy since most Bride-To-Be's are completely nervous/freaking out by the time it comes down to the last two months.. But not me! 🙂 Maybe that's an added benefit lol 😉 Thursday of last week, I got to see the "practice dress" for my wedding dress that one of my dear friend's is making me! I so can't want to be able to pick out the fabrics for it! Cause it's going to be AMAZING and I already LOVE it even though it isn't made yet!! 🙂 Have any of you just know when you put on the perfect dress the feeling of excitement? I know I used to think it was funny when girl's said that when they put their wedding dress on for the first time.. But I can honestly say I know what they mean!! 🙂

Main issue that I’m having now is trying to find someone that will take wedding pictures for me! I’ve talked around and can’t find anyone that can do it for a reasonable price! $800.00 is just WAY over the budget!! And $400.00 is over the budget too! If anyone knows of someone that takes pictures (even if its just on a CD, that’ll be fine cause we can print off the ones we want to hand out..) please contact me, or comment on the post! 😉

Hope each of you have a wonderful night!!!


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