Abundantly blessed!!!!

To start off this blog post I just wanna say how much I am so happy that my “second family” is home for a couple of weeks!!!!:) oh how I have missed them so much!! But I’m also sad that they are moving to Ohio.. But I know that it’s God’s plan!
On Thursday, we went over to their house to see them! Oh it was such a wonderful time!! I don’t think I have laughed that much in a while! While we were there my friend Gina gave me her cape dresses!!:) I got 17 new dresses!!:) that was like Christmas to me!! Haha I know that sounds funny but it’s the truth! Haha

Mom and I went and got two big pumpkins from Walmart to can:) that’s going to be fun!! Haha
On Tuesday I’m going over to one of my friends house to help make applesauce to can! I have never done that before so I know that will be lots of fun!! Haha then when I get home on Tuesday it will be the fun part of packing for youth retreat.. Haha
Then from Wednesday till Sunday will be youth retreat.. So yes it will be a very busy week!! Haha
Well I hope each of you have a very blessed night!!


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